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                2014“醒狮杯”设计大赛评委专访之Prof. &Aacute;lvaro Barbosa

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                Álvaro Barbosa


                1.    When did you start working in industrial design field? Could you share with us how you accomplished your current achievements?
                365电玩城 (请问您是何时开始从事工业设计工业的?为何会在这个领域获得如此高的成就?)

                My Background is in Engineering and Interactive Media Arts. I started focusing more on Experience and Product Design trough an European Project (2009/2012 "DESIRE: Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology) in which I was able to collaborate with an extensive international team of Researchers and Doctorate students, establishing new approaches to Design. My focus has been in using sound as a Design feature in Product and Interaction Design.
                365电玩城 注释:【1】欧洲项目:DESIRE: Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology, 2009-2012

                2.    Any tips regarding industrial design you would like to share with our young designers?

                Product Design should be regarded in a holistic way. Current Technology allows us to create integrated systems that go beyond the form of a product. They allow us to design and prototype many facets of the product that are necessary to move from a product to an experience. Interactivity, sound, moving image and algorithmic behaviors (embedded intelligence) are some of the key aspects to have in mind.
                365电玩城 (产品设计是神圣的。现代科技让我们可以创造出超越产品自身形态的集成系统,允许我们设计和还原产品的多个细节,从而把每件产品升华成一种体验。在做产品设计时,设计师应该考虑到交互性、声效、动画和演算行为(嵌入式智能)等方面。)

                3.    What were your thoughts when you were informed of the invitation of acting as a judge in “Xingshi-Cup” Competition?
                365电玩城 (请问您是为何考虑成为“醒狮杯”的评委的?)

                I am very excited to participate in this competition. China is possibly the country in the world that produces more Design and an open competition like this one, opened to the international community, is essential to bring together the work that is being done by our peers.

                4.    When you look at a design, what detail would you care/value the most?

                Simplicity, elegance and effectiveness.

                5.    Did any of the previous award-winning works in “Xingshi-Cup” leave an impression on you? And why?

                Many of the projects coming out of this competition are extremely impressive. Last Year I was very impressed with one particular project that was practically ready for market. The project was called E-Baby.
                365电玩城 (这个比赛大多数作品都令人很难忘。在上一年的比赛中我对一个叫E-Baby的作品印象尤为深刻,这个参赛作品实际上可以直接推出市场了。)

                6.    Any suggestions or expectations towards “Xingshi-Cup”?

                I’m hoping to have more and more international participation, so that this competition becomes a forum for the exchange of ideas globally.


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